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About Us

Mangilaluk School was built in 1990 and had an internal renovation take place in 2007.  The school was originally built to accommodate Kindergarten to Grade 8, but over the years expanded to offer Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 within the same building. With the expansion of offering more grades, there was a need to renovate the existing building to accommodate the needs to meet all of the programs that the school wanted to offer.  After years of planning, in 2021 renovations have begun at Mangilaluk School.  With this renovation it will accommodate all of the grade levels, add a shop next to the school, increase the size of the gym, and provided additional rooms for programs such as home economics and language.  This project is ongoing and will be finished in a few years.  More information on renovations can be found at the following site:

The name Mangilaluk was chosen for the school name as Mangilaluk was the Inuit that chose Tuktoyaktuk as a permanent settlement in 1905 and was Chief of the community.  Mangilaluk died in Tuktoyaktuk in 1940.

Currently our school serves around 240 students from JK – Grade 12.    We currently have 23 teachers and 11 support staff.  At the high school level we offer all courses that would allow students to graduate successfully with a NWT graduate diploma.  We offer a wide range of university preparation courses at the secondary level through our NDL (Northern Distance Learning) program including Biology 30, Chemistry 30, Physics 30, Math 30-1, English 30-1, and Social Studies 30-1.  We offer a variety of CTS (career technology studies) at the high school level to spark and engage student interest.  At our school we offer Inuvialuktun language instruction to students in JK – Grade 9 as well as at the HS level.  Looking at innovation and technology at our school, all students from Grade 3 to HS have their own electronic device for instructional use and each classroom is set up with a smartboard to assist with instruction.  Our school currently offers a breakfast program along with healthy snacks initiative for students on a regular basis.

Mission Statement:

Mangilaluk School promotes a safe and caring environment for all staff and students with a focus on high achievement, cultural relevance, and building community connections.