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Bio - Ephraim Warren

Ephraim is originally from Newfoundland and now resides in Tuktoyaktuk with his wife, two children, and dog.  Ephraim loves to spend time with his family, doing puzzles, loves nature, and loves to take on a new challenge.

Ephraim Warren began his educational career with BDDEC at Mangilaluk School in Tuktoyaktuk, NT, back in 2007.  Ephraim taught math, science, and CTS courses at the high school level for twelve years where four of those year he was a Vice-Principal/teacher.  This year marks Ephraim’s fifth year as Principal at Mangilaluk School making it his seventeenth year in the North.

His educational experience has allowed him the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of educators who work diligently to increase student attendance, achievement, and personal well-being.  Ephraim’s educational philosophy is based on given a safe and caring environment, and having a strong leadership along with a strong dedicated educational team with a community approach, then all students can learn.

Ephraim has received a Bachelor Degree in Science from Memorial University of Newfoundland and a Bachelor of Education Degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland (Cohort with Cape Breton University).  Ephraim completed his Masters of Education focused in Administration and Leadership from Athabasca University.